DCUK Small emperor Penguin


dcuk Small Emperor Penguin
Material: bamboo root
Process: carved and painted by hand
Height: 18 cm (approx)
Inspired by: majestic emperor penguins
Personality: strong, determined, devoted
In the darkest place on earth, the stars shine most brightly

Here the skies dance with all Aurora’s colours. But the Emperor Penguins keep their heads down, protecting their precious eggs from the bitter cold.Dcuk designed this family in awe of these majestic birds, and to invite a few indoors, to enjoy the warmer lights of home. dcuk give all our characters a random DCUK name and name tag, but you might like to choose your own for their forever home.
we enclose a FREE gift bag and a leaflet for a free name tag
Please note due to the natural wood poses and grain of wood may differ from picture.

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